One thing I’ve learned over the years of working with VocationVacations clients is that career exploration does not just happen over night.  The “vocationing process”, as I call it, takes time.  And that’s a good thing!  Big decisions should generally not be made over night.  So, why should you invest the time in your own career exploration and start the vocationing process?  Here are 12 reasons why you should and could:

1.  To test-drive your dream job before committing

2.  To find a mentor

3.  To learn the “ins and outs” of the business

4.  To make contacts in the industry

5.  To boost your confidence

6.  To explore a passion

7.  To satisfy your curiosity about “the road not taken”

8.  To test possible careers when you don’t know what’s next

9.  To have an unusual, invigorating experience of “stepping out of the box”

10.  To try something new and challenge yourself in new ways

11.  To gain perspective on your current job, lifestyle, and future

12.  To reconnect with a dormant part of yourself

Happy career exploration!  Happy vocationing…..