I rarely use my blog as a forum for venting….but I do use it for feedback.  Today it’s a bit of both.

I hope you saw our VocationVacations newsletter this morning announcing a couple of our new, exciting career mentorship programs:  Phone Mentorship and our Saturday Workshops – VocationVacations 360 (the first one is, “So You Want To Get Into The Wine Business?” and will be on Jan 15, 2011).  These are in addition to our 1-on-1 VocationVacations that have served thousands of people since 2004 and our relatively new Small-Group VocationVacations.  There’s a lot going on!  Good stuff.

The subject line of the newsletter this morning was “How’s Life In The Cubicle?” followed by this verbiage to kick off the newsletter:

When we speak with clients prior to their VocationVacation career mentorship experiences, we ask them if their physical work environment is a nice, pleasant space. Rarely do we hear, “I love where I work!” Instead, we hear, “I am stuck in cubicle hell without a window!”, or “I was promoted and now have my own private office – complete with bad fluorescent lighting and a view of the elevator”, or “I sooooo need to be outside more than I am today!”

You get the picture. Are you stuck in proverbial cubicle hell? Well then, it’s time to explore YOUR dream career and discover what your life could be like outside of that cubicle.

Well.  Let me tell you, I inadvertently set off a small firestorm in response to the subject line….here are a couple of my “favorites”:

From David H:  Go f*#$ yourself!

From Sarah A:  ouch! offensive/painful/derogatory toward small businesses… subject line… I’m out…When you are an inspiration again I will check in. Buena suerte!

Time for my vent:  Really, David and Sarah?  Really?  Was what I asked so bad?

So, feedback.  What do you think?  Do you really think my asking “How’s Life In The Cubicle?” was such a bad thing to ask?

From outside of the cubicle,