It’s 4:30pm Pacific as I type….and there’s still room on our free teleclass if you’d like to join!

How To Get A Job In The Fashion Industry
– A Free Teleclass –

What will we cover?  Well, here are just a few of the many tips that LA-based Fashion Designer Barbara Lesser will be providing:

SHOP – Know the hot labels in your sector of the industry. Know the players. Check their websites. Find out where they are located. Maybe you can work for them.

EXPERIMENT WITH FASHION – This is usually instinctive to someone interested in fashion. Push yourself to try new looks.

LEARN – Take classes in textiles chemistry  (finishing and dyeing of fabric). Know how a garment goes together. You don’t have to be a great sewer, just know how the pieces fit together.

TEACH YOURSELF TO DRAW – You don’t have to be an artist. Learn to get your ideas across using a croquis as a guide and draw you garment on top of the figure.

MEET THE INDUSTRY PLAYERS – Research the buying offices and meet their buyers. They can recommend you to stores based on their opinion of your product.