Hey folks,

I was at the airport in Portland waiting to take a flight to Chicago this morning (now on a nice, 3-hour layover before heading on to Appleton, WI for my youngest niece’s high school graduation party) and I overheard a fellow complaining about how this economy is wreaking havoc on his life — due to a layoff from a certain large sports shoe and apparel company based in Portland.  The company has a reputation for providing dream jobs.  Cool setting.  The “campus” is almost like a resort complete with soccer fields and a swimming pool, etc.  Not a bad gig.  And people working there consider themselves not only lucky — but they’ve also worked very hard to get there.  But, for this fellow, that was gone.  Poof!

I’ve heard many stories like his lately.  But this was different.  This fellow was angry.  Really angry.  And, in my opinion, he feels a sense of entitlement for the type of job he once held at this prestigious, hip company.

So I began to think what advice I’d give him if he asked, or if I so rudely interrupted him (I didn’t but I was tempted).

Just like when Cher slapped Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck and told him to, “Snap out of it!”, my suggestion to this fellow would be to snap out of it!  But how?  I would suggest:

1.  Check your pride at the door.  Your external accomplishments are not who you are, so don’t evaluate or judge yourself

2.  Accept and embrace humility, and find the people in your life who care about the real you

3.  Own what and where you are now

4.  Define what a “Great Job” is by looking at your passions and interests as well as the things you loved and hated about your old job (cool company but there HAD to be some downsides somewhere) so you can start setting sights on what’s next.

Been laid off?  Worrying about a lay-off?  Or simply not satisfied in your current job?  Then snap out of it and do something about it!