My pal Ingrid Goldbloom of Mosaic Careers sent the following little blurb from Steep and Cheap to me and I thought you’d find it quite interesting too.  Being on the cutting edge…the first…CAN pay off.  Take some calculated risks, folks.   Without embellishing his resume, the guy described below can truly professionally brand himself as a trend-setter when it comes to using Internet technologies of the 90s.  Apply that spirit of trying new things in 2009!


Before streaming music on the internet was a widespread technology, the only place you could find online radio shows was universities. I met a guy who was one of the first DJs at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s online radio station, and he ran a show for a year where he played some kind of trance, raver music late in the evening on weekends. This was the late 90’s so that kind of crappy music was appropriate. A feature of the University’s online setup was that you could see how many people were listening to your radio show, and he said that most of the time it was zero people, but every once in awhile his friend who owned a very nice computer and had downloaded the appropriate software would sign on and listen. I thought about that guy while I was sending resumes around the other day. Maybe only one person ever listened to his radio show, but according to his resume, I’m sure he was a DJ at a progressive radio station that was at the bleeding edge of internet technology.