April 2009

Hi Friends,

I will be moderating a FANTASTIC panel of experts who work in animal-related fields TONIGHT at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific.

The panel includes Dr. Jon Geller (who, in his 40’s went back to school to become a vet!  Dr. Jon now practices in Colorado), Judy Robin (Horse Boarder and Stable Owner in Kentucky), Debi Ropes (Dog Daycare Owner in Colorado) and Paula Vellozzi (Alpaca Rancher/Breeder in Oregon).

If you’re like many of my career consulting clients, you’ve perhaps always dreamed about working in a career that involves animals, but have never known HOW to get into the business.   This is the perfect (FREE!) teleclass for you….please feel free to also tell your friends!

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Hi Portland Friends (and for those of you not in Portland, please check my “events” page so we can catch up in person when I’m in NYC, Chicago, LA, etc)!

Changing jobs is always a challenge, even in the best of times. In today’s job market and economic environment, you particularly don’t need rhetoric about career transitioning; you need an action plan that will get you moving in the right direction.

Join Career Coach Will Wiebe and me for a special Happy Hour and presentation of “The Ultimate 40-Hour Career Transition Plan”.

Will and I will take you through a 40-hour step-by step plan that will help you:

  • Identify your ideal type of work
  • Research companies/organizations in that field
  • Find contacts within these companies/organizations
  • Communicate with these contacts as potential mentors
  • Secure three mentors in your field of interest


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


5:30 – 6:15 p.m. – networking and socializing (no-host Happy Hour)
6:15 – 6:45 p.m. – Brian and Will present “The Ultimate 40-Hour Career Transition Plan” followed by a Q & A
6:45 – 7:30 p.m. – More fun, socializing and networking (no-host Happy Hour)


1022 W. Burnside (across the street from Powell’s)
Portland, Oregon – Click here for a map

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Yes, that’s right.  Bea Arthur, the beloved actress and comedienne who passed away this past weekend at 86, would want you to be happy on the job.

How do I know?  I was watching my fave Sunday morning news shows (I’m a total news wonk) and CBS Sunday Morning did a tribute to Bea including an interview with her a couple of years ago when she was doing her one woman show on Broadway.  The CBS correspondent asked her, “Why are you doing Broadway at an age when most people are long retired?”  Bea passionately replied, “Actors don’t retire!  People who HATE their jobs retire!”

I love it.  So true.  Of course many of us who love our jobs may not work as many hours as we head into traditional retirement years, but we “get” what Bea was saying.  If I were, for instance, an accountant or an IT manager, I would surely be planning my retirement.  Now.  I don’t like crunching numbers and I’m a complete technophobe (the Apple store staff in downtown Portland knows me by first name due to all my questions) so those would not be dream jobs for me.  But The Golden Girl has it right — if you love what you do, you won’t have to, or want to, retire.

Bea’s passion as an actress is a perfect segue for me to encourage everyone to sign up for a free teleclass, “8 Steps To A Successful Career Transition”, I’m moderating on Monday, May 4 at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific.  My expert panelists are career and life coaches Dori Mintzer, Roberta Taylor and Will Wiebe.  They are 50+ (actually, all are 60+ but don’t tell them I told you) and will have detailed advice on how a 45+ person can make a career transition into something they love.  We’ll be geared a bit more toward the 45+ crowd but you younger folks are more than welcome to join as you’ll discover a thing or two as well, I’m sure.

“8 Steps To A Successful Career Transition” – Sign-up here for the free teleclass!

And share with a friend – the more the merrier.

With that, Bea, I hope you’re having a blast entertaining folks wherever you are!  I know one thing’s for sure:  You’ll never fully retire.



I love this article in tomorrow’s St. Petersburg’s Times:


Martin’s story, like so many of my career consulting clients‘ stories, exemplify the benefits of taking a part-time job in one’s dream job while still working in the “non-dream job”.  You NEVER know where it may lead.  Moonlight!  If you can do it, do it!  It’s the best way to earn respect in a new field….network….and to learn on someone else’s dime!  Even in this challenging economy.

Onward in 2009!  Go for it….



I’m really excited about our FREE teleclass this Wednesday:

“How To Find A Career Working With Animals” — and I don’t mean the two-legged ones you may currently be working with!  🙂

Hundreds of people are signed up….but we can have up to 1,000 so the more the merrier.  Tell your friends and family who are animal lovers and dream of making their career working with them.

Sign-up here!  Wed April 29 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific



My pal Ingrid Goldbloom of Mosaic Careers sent the following little blurb from Steep and Cheap to me and I thought you’d find it quite interesting too.  Being on the cutting edge…the first…CAN pay off.  Take some calculated risks, folks.   Without embellishing his resume, the guy described below can truly professionally brand himself as a trend-setter when it comes to using Internet technologies of the 90s.  Apply that spirit of trying new things in 2009!




Before streaming music on the internet was a widespread technology, the only place you could find online radio shows was universities. I met a guy who was one of the first DJs at the University of Wisconsin Madison’s online radio station, and he ran a show for a year where he played some kind of trance, raver music late in the evening on weekends. This was the late 90’s so that kind of crappy music was appropriate. A feature of the University’s online setup was that you could see how many people were listening to your radio show, and he said that most of the time it was zero people, but every once in awhile his friend who owned a very nice computer and had downloaded the appropriate software would sign on and listen. I thought about that guy while I was sending resumes around the other day. Maybe only one person ever listened to his radio show, but according to his resume, I’m sure he was a DJ at a progressive radio station that was at the bleeding edge of internet technology.

Whether by choice or necessity, it’s a challenging time to be looking for a job or exploring a new career.

That is why I invite you to join other experts and me for advice and guidance on exploring, discovering and transitioning to a new job or career.  Mark your calendars and please invite your friends for any or all of the following free events:



Free Teleclass:  “How to Find a Career Working with Animals”

(The real ones, not the two-legged ones you might be currently working with on the job)

8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

Brian Kurth and experts who have built their careers working with animals present an hour of insights and “how to’s” to help you plan and pursue a career working with animals. 




Free Teleclass:  “Eight Steps to a Successful Career Change”

8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific

Whether you are looking for a new job, a totally new career or thinking of starting your own business, Brian Kurth and his panel of experts will offer specific, practical strategies to help you develop a plan of action.




Career Transition Happy Hour (No Host)

Portland, Oregon

5:30pm – 7:30pm Pacific


1022 W. Burnside, across from Powell’s Books

Fun networking combined with a presentation of “The Ultimate 40-Hour Career Transition Plan” by Brian Kurth and Will Wiebe, a Portland career coach. Hear about an action plan that will get you moving in the right direction.


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