As you all know, I’m really more of a “the glass is half full kinda guy”.  BUT….this has been bothering me all day:

If AIG execs get bonuses from bailout $’s as they tank a company, then what do small & medium sized business owners and not-for-profits get for SURVIVING what SOME (not all!) Wall Streeters created?  Now, I’m a capitalist, believe me….but I’m REALLY having a tough time swallowing this pill that our taxpayer dollars are funding these yahoos at AIG with fat bonuses when they epitomize failure.  

I feel like I’m living back in Eastern Europe right after the fall of communism when corruption and greed were part of most business deals.  Are we so different?  How can we allow them to take such money?  And, even more importantly, how can an AIG exec accepting such a bonus sleep at night?  Seriously.

I promise to get a good night’s sleep and be positive about things in the AM….:)