Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Alright, this is a HOT dream job, folks.  Career Informer “Strategy Sue” informed me of the Creative Director position currently open at School Specialty in Appleton, WI.  A creative job!  Yes, even in this economy.  See, these jobs DO still exist!  And it’s in the education sector to boot.  I’m here to tell you to stay positive and “get out there” and you can still find a great job.

Now, the description says it’s in Greenville, but that’s really a “suburb” of Appleton.  If you just laughed that I wrote that Appleton, WI has a suburb, then read no further as this Cheesehead from WI loves his homeland and doesn’t allow cheesy giggles or jokes.  😉  

Now, for those of you who are asking, “That’s fine, Brian, but where TF is Appleton?”, let me tell ya’ about Appleton.  It’s a great city.  45 minutes south of Green Bay (PACKERS!)…an hour and a half from both Madison and Milwaukee and only 3 hours from Chicago.  It’s a beautiful little city on the northern shores of Lake Winnebago….and the Fox River runs through the city. 

Anyway, here’s the link to the job….go get ’em Creatives!


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Hi Friends!

I just got word from my Career Informer, Hanging Chad, of another cool dream job in the energy field based here in Portland.  The position is Business Systems Analyst at Energy Trust.  Energy Trust of Oregon, Inc., is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy development.  Very cool organization!

Know of someone who’s been laid off from IT?  This is a perfect opportunity for them!  Lead them to this webpage on Energy Trust’s site:


When applying, let them know Brian Kurth and his Career Informers sent you….

See.  There ARE still dream jobs out there….