Hey Folks,

I am SOOOOO tired of hearing nothing but bad economic and career-related news.  I know you are too.  So I’m going to share some GOOD NEWS with you:  I know of a great organization that is HIRING here in Portland, Oregon!

PECI, a sustainable energy efficiency/savings organization is currently HIRING for the following positions:



Energy Analyst

Engineering (4 positions!)

Engineering Manager

Field Analyst Manager (2)

Marketing (2)

Project Coordinator 

Program Manager (2)

Sr. Program Manager (2)

PECI is a cutting-edge organization and I encourage anyone qualified to apply.

Now, here’s the deal about Portland.  I LOVE living here.  Yes, it rains…but not nearly as much as people think.  It’s London weather.  Drizzle from November through April.  But the flowers start blooming in late February (we’re late this year) and the summers are absolutely spectacular with 100% sunshine and NO humidity — or bugs.  Portland, itself, is an amazing city and I encourage you to check out Travel Portland’s website for more details.  So, don’t rule out relocating (I highly doubt that PECI has relocation $’s as it is actually a not-for-profit so the move would be on your own dime, however).

Best of luck in applying for the position(s) at PECI.  Don’t give up on the dreams….and stay positive!


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