Monday, March 9th, 2009

Hey Gang, 

There are some great technical & engineering job openings with EnXco in San Diego and Portland!  Perhaps something here for you or a friend or family member?  

Tell folks to sign up for my blog so they’ll be the first to be in the know when my “career informers” tell me of newly available jobs!  I post as soon as I hear of something great that’s come available…and I will only focus on POSITIVE career news that DOES exist out there….I just have to dig for it for you.  But happy to do so….

That being said, check out the dream jobs waiting at EnXco!

Good luck!

For those of you addicted to Dancing with the Stars (the new cycle debuts tonight!) like me, I want to encourage you to see YOURSELF as a star.  Yes, that’s right.  You are the star.  A few thoughts:

1.  OK, so you might not make it on the show, Dancing with the Stars, but you CAN still make your dreams come true of working in dance!  Live the dream.

2. Reach out to people in the field — get a mentor!  Volunteer some time at your local performing arts center…or a local dance studio.  Go to as many dance related events as possible.  

3.  Take some classes.  Feed your avocational passion!  Avocation sometimes leads to vocation.

4.  Perhaps you even are ready to test-drive your dream job.  We have some GREAT VocationVacations that fit the bill:

Ballroom Dance Studio Owner with Tina and Gabriel Simon — they’re a complete stitch.  You’ll have a blast and learn a ton!

Performing Arts Director with mentor Gracey Tune who happens to be Tony-award winning Tommy Tune’s sister

Choreographer with mentor Kishaya, who has choreographed Gwen Stefani and Disney’s High School Musical!

Broadway Director and Choreographer with Tony-nominated Jeff Calhoun!

Follow those dance dreams…and just know I’ll be joining you tonight at 8pm EST/PST for Dancing with the Stars!  🙂


Hey Folks,

I am SOOOOO tired of hearing nothing but bad economic and career-related news.  I know you are too.  So I’m going to share some GOOD NEWS with you:  I know of a great organization that is HIRING here in Portland, Oregon!

PECI, a sustainable energy efficiency/savings organization is currently HIRING for the following positions:



Energy Analyst

Engineering (4 positions!)

Engineering Manager

Field Analyst Manager (2)

Marketing (2)

Project Coordinator 

Program Manager (2)

Sr. Program Manager (2)

PECI is a cutting-edge organization and I encourage anyone qualified to apply.

Now, here’s the deal about Portland.  I LOVE living here.  Yes, it rains…but not nearly as much as people think.  It’s London weather.  Drizzle from November through April.  But the flowers start blooming in late February (we’re late this year) and the summers are absolutely spectacular with 100% sunshine and NO humidity — or bugs.  Portland, itself, is an amazing city and I encourage you to check out Travel Portland’s website for more details.  So, don’t rule out relocating (I highly doubt that PECI has relocation $’s as it is actually a not-for-profit so the move would be on your own dime, however).

Best of luck in applying for the position(s) at PECI.  Don’t give up on the dreams….and stay positive!


PS – Check out my new career coaching site: