Times are difficult to say the least.  February jobless reports just came out:  another 651,000 jobs lost in February!  As they say back in my homeland of Wisconsin:  Holy Cow!  Buckle up, this ride is getting even bumpier.

Although you may now need to cut expenses, I urge all of my career consulting clients to cut in areas OTHER than healthcare.  Please don’t forgo health insurance, folks.  One unexpected hospitalization can wipe you out.  So cut back in other areas and, at the very least, buy catastrophic health insurance which covers only major hospitalization or try to get a part-time job (even if it’s not ideal!) that offers benefits.  Even Starbucks is cutting back and laying off, but they still offer wonderful healthcare to their part-timer employees (believe you have to work a minimum of 20 hours).  But there are other companies out there like Starbucks.  New Seasons, a high-end grocer here in Portland, Oregon also provides healthcare to its part-time employees.  Just another example.

To not have health insurance isn’t being frugal; it’s being foolhardy.