I’d like to ask you a question that I ask all of my career strategy clients:

What are THE most important outcomes and/or accomplisments you need to realize from career consultation/coaching in order to assure you’re spending your money wisely and getting the personal return on investment you need?

I always want to know the answer to that question prior to bringing on a new client.  I’m a bit of a “tough-love” career coach, I suppose.  For my clients…as well as for myself.  There has to be a return on investment for both of us in order for us to commit to our time and energy to one another.

Net/net, I’ll come clean:  I feel that some life/career coaches should get to the heart of the matter with their clients faster and quicker. Especially in this economy. I don’t like to think about the minority of coaches I’ve heard about who “milk” their clients for as long as possible.  

I like to define my success by the results and the TIMELINESS of how I guide someone through my proven 8-step “vocationing process” of landing a great new job. My thinking may be a bit provocative to some…but it’s where my heart lies within the coaching practice. 

Do you feel career strategists and coaches need to spend more time working with their clients in a pragmatic, “how-to” PROCESS of finding a great job (or at least as great as it can be for now) or new career in this economy rather than just working through theoretical concepts and assessments?  What are your thoughts?


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