March 2009

Hi all,

I’ve been so darn busy this week.  Apologies for not blogging, Twittering, and posting my favorite available dream jobs, etc.  We’re in process of launching our new outplacement company — very exciting!  Much more to follow on that in coming days and weeks.

SO…..going to make this quick to get the word out….and I’ll blog more over the weekend.  My Career Informer NewYorkNoelle provided me the lead to a REALLY cool dream job that’s available right now.  Are you ready, fashionistas?  Sr. Designer of Mens Sweaters at Calvin Klein in NYC!  Hello!?

Now, as always, I get nothing out of posting my favorite dream job picks sent to me from my Career Informers other than the feel-good factor.  BUT….if you land this job because of this posting, I just want you to know I’m a Medium.  Just sayin’.  😉

Sr. Designer for Mens Sweaters at Calvin Klein in NYC:  APPLY here and now! (Click on “Search Jobs” and then enter “Calvin Klein” under the drop-down brand options)

As I tell my career consulting clients, keep on dreaming AND exploring….see, there ARE great jobs out there!



I just have to share that we have some REALLY exciting new VocationVacations coming on board!  There are a couple that I think a couple of my career consulting clients may be interested in — take their career planning to the next level!

I’ve signed mentoring agreements in the last week with a well-known Fiction Writer, a really cool Home Builder, a Pet Sitter/Dog Walker, a phenomenal Photgrapher, an Ice Cream Maker and shop owner (yum!) AND a Radio Talk Show Host!  They all will be going live in the next week or so on!

Now you’re one of the first to know!  

If you have been laid off ,or know of someone who has been, or you fear you may be laid off, I’m happy to chat with you about going from surviving to thriving in your career transition.


Hey gang,

As you know, I love being the career consultant/strategist who provides you a daily lead to a great, newly available job (Been laid off?  Friends or family being laid off or fearing it?  Call me!).

Today’s pick is really cool.  I’m happy to make mention of several really cool, newly available jobs…working for FACEBOOK!  

Apply NOW:


As you all know, I’m really more of a “the glass is half full kinda guy”.  BUT….this has been bothering me all day:

If AIG execs get bonuses from bailout $’s as they tank a company, then what do small & medium sized business owners and not-for-profits get for SURVIVING what SOME (not all!) Wall Streeters created?  Now, I’m a capitalist, believe me….but I’m REALLY having a tough time swallowing this pill that our taxpayer dollars are funding these yahoos at AIG with fat bonuses when they epitomize failure.  

I feel like I’m living back in Eastern Europe right after the fall of communism when corruption and greed were part of most business deals.  Are we so different?  How can we allow them to take such money?  And, even more importantly, how can an AIG exec accepting such a bonus sleep at night?  Seriously.

I promise to get a good night’s sleep and be positive about things in the AM….:)


Hey folks,

Career Informer, “Cupcake Lisa” (she owns a cupcake shop — totally her dream job, but I digress!), told me about a great new opening for a brand new company here in Portland and the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vineyards of the Willamette Valley:  Eco-Wine Tours.   

Eco-Wine Tours’ founder, Amber Grove, just called me to confirm that Cupcake Lisa is in fact NOT on some cupcake sugar high and that she (Amber) is indeed looking to hire a part-time tour guide/driver.  The position will probably become full-time over the summer months.  It’s a contractor 1099 position so it doesn’t include any benefits and you’ll have to pay your own FICA taxes out of it, etc. but it’s truly a fun dream job for a GenY’er just out of school or an Encore (Boomer) careerist just looking to make some side $’s during this economic slump.  She’d like to get someone with some “green” background, if possible.  That’s even more important than a wine background as the winemakers are obviously the experts in that department.

I worked in the wine industry in 2002 after 12 years of corporate life — and I loved it!  Best of luck to you in this fun, dream job….

Apply Now!  Contact Amber Grove at


Career Informer JavaJoe informed me of this great position that is available at wonderful Columbia University in NYC:  Sr. Development Officer for the Health Sciences Division within Alumni Relations.  How cool is this?  You’re combining TWO hot vocation types in one:  Education and Healthcare!

Once again, as I keep telling my clients, there ARE great jobs still out there…..

You know what to do:  Spread the word to family and friends….and tell them to apply NOW:


I really like what Clark Howard says in his article on, What To Do If You’re Laid Off.  I want to share it with you.

What I learned from the article:  I had never heard of LaidOffCamp — love it! 

One thing Clark forgot to mention:  LinkedIn.  Maybe because he’s assuming everyone already knows about it and knows how to use it.  But that’s not the case.  I have career coaching clients who are networking on LinkedIn for the first time after our first session.  LinkedIn is critical to finding TARGETED contacts, possible mentors and EVEN a job that is posted and listed through the many online groups you can join on the site.  

I’ve hosted a free “How to use LinkedIn to find a job” telecass a couple of months ago.  Time for another one?  

Please let me know if you’re interested in that and I’ll set something up with one of my affiliated career coaches — comment below or email me at if you are interested and I’ll set something up….


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