I have been hearing over and over again from people who’ve been laid off that they’re looking for something “different” than the traditional outplacement services.  Something more “pragmatic”.  Something more “hands on”.  People are coming to us in the hopes that we have something “different” to offer and we’re listening.  

Hence,  VocationInnovations Outplacement Services will launch in coming days.

VocationInnovations is EXACTLY what you’re going to want in outplacement from your former employer.  Or if you are a staffing manager having to make difficult lay-offs, then VocationInnovations will assist you in softening the blow to your soon-to-be former employees.  

VocationInnovations will guide people to:

Create a personal brand vs. write yet another version of their resume;  

Transition to a whole new career or start their own business versus just get another corporate job (that may not even exist in today’s economy!);

Attain their own expert, hands-on mentor in their desired new vocation.

These are just a few of the highlights of how VocationInnovations is different…and how it’s going to meet the needs for those being laid off while offering the former employer an affordable alternative to traditional outplacement based on return-on-investment:  knowing that their former employees landed desirable jobs or created their dream businesses after going through VocationInnovations.

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