My cousin reminded me today of something I’m always preaching.  I was telling him about a project I’m working on and he said, “Brian, one step at a time, bud, dream big but start small, as you always say.”  He’s so right.  I am simply so excited about a new endeavor we’re working on that I was jumping the gun on one aspect of it.  

That being said, I thought I’d offer you my 5 tips of HOW to Dream Big But Start Small when it comes to career transitioning:

1.  Get a part-time job in your desired new field/job/career.

2.  If you can, work the new job/career on the side while keeping your existing job.

3.  Volunteer in your desired new career, industry, field of interest, etc.

4.  Take a job that is a transition to your ultimate “dream job”.  

5.  Pursue the great new career/job as a bit of a hobby…or avocational work…until you are ready (or have to) make the career transition.

You can do it!  Don’t give up on those big dreams.  But start small.  Transition one step at a time.