I am thrilled to say that I’m hearing more of my career strategy clients “getting” what I’m constantly saying about getting a mentor and being mentored — at ANY age.  Whether it’s through my company or on your own — just get a mentor!  For those who don’t quite “get” it or or just questioning or perhaps even a bit skeptical, here are my Top 10 Reasons To Be Mentored In A Possible New Career:

1.  Test-drive your prospective new career before committing

2.  Learn the “ins and outs” of the business/organization/vocation

3.  Make contacts — networking!

4.  Boost your confidence

5.  Explore a passion

6.  Satisfy your curiosity about the “road not taken”

7.  Test possible careers when you don’t know what’s next

8.  Try something new and challenge yourself in new ways

9.  Gain perspective on your current job, lifestyle, and future

10.  Reconnect with a dormant part of yourself