February 2009

I have been hearing over and over again from people who’ve been laid off that they’re looking for something “different” than the traditional outplacement services.  Something more “pragmatic”.  Something more “hands on”.  People are coming to us in the hopes that we have something “different” to offer and we’re listening.  

Hence,  VocationInnovations Outplacement Services will launch in coming days.

VocationInnovations is EXACTLY what you’re going to want in outplacement from your former employer.  Or if you are a staffing manager having to make difficult lay-offs, then VocationInnovations will assist you in softening the blow to your soon-to-be former employees.  

VocationInnovations will guide people to:

Create a personal brand vs. write yet another version of their resume;  

Transition to a whole new career or start their own business versus just get another corporate job (that may not even exist in today’s economy!);

Attain their own expert, hands-on mentor in their desired new vocation.

These are just a few of the highlights of how VocationInnovations is different…and how it’s going to meet the needs for those being laid off while offering the former employer an affordable alternative to traditional outplacement based on return-on-investment:  knowing that their former employees landed desirable jobs or created their dream businesses after going through VocationInnovations.

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My cousin reminded me today of something I’m always preaching.  I was telling him about a project I’m working on and he said, “Brian, one step at a time, bud, dream big but start small, as you always say.”  He’s so right.  I am simply so excited about a new endeavor we’re working on that I was jumping the gun on one aspect of it.  

That being said, I thought I’d offer you my 5 tips of HOW to Dream Big But Start Small when it comes to career transitioning:

1.  Get a part-time job in your desired new field/job/career.

2.  If you can, work the new job/career on the side while keeping your existing job.

3.  Volunteer in your desired new career, industry, field of interest, etc.

4.  Take a job that is a transition to your ultimate “dream job”.  

5.  Pursue the great new career/job as a bit of a hobby…or avocational work…until you are ready (or have to) make the career transition.

You can do it!  Don’t give up on those big dreams.  But start small.  Transition one step at a time.


Hi Folks,

Just a quick reminder that it’s not too late to sign-up for our really fantastic, free teleclass TONIGHT:  “There’s No Business Like Show Business”.  Have you, or someone you know, always wondered how to become an actor, a director, a comedian, a choreographer, etc?  Well, join me tonight with my teleclass panelists….and spread the word!

TONY-nominated Broadway Director Jeff Calhoun

Internationally-known Comedian Dan Nainan

And Vocationer alums who’ve gone off to pursue their dreams in the entertainment business, Sue Burton Kirdahy and Kay Oldfather-Daigle.

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It’s free….doesn’t get any better than that, now does it?  And this ain’t-n0-informercial.  I’m not that kinda guy as you all know….:)


Everyone is talking about jobs these days.  But how often do you really try to envision what some jobs may actually be like?

Well, check out some of these great pictures of jobs from workers all across the globe.  Some might inspire you.  Some might make you realize what you have isn’t so bad after all.  

Let me know what you’re thinking after viewing them:



Probably not.  Although I do like DC a lot.  In fact I considered moving there with my ex back in 2001 when we both got laid off from our dot-com jobs in Chicago.  But…we happily landed here in Portland, Oregon.

I’m not looking to pick up and move to DC but I wanted to share this article with you if you ARE looking for a job.  DC seems to be one of the few cities of opportunity in the US right now (From what I hear, the Dakotas and Nebraska are still OK — So if Omaha or Sioux Falls are calling your name, check them out!):


If you can’t find the job in your hometown, it is NOT the end of the world to shake it up a bit.  DC should maybe be on your list?

Good luck!

Hi folks, I have four quick questions this morning if you (or someone you know) are laid off:

Is your employer providing you with outplacement?  If so, three more questions:

What are your greatest needs and wants from the outplacement services?  

Is the outplacement company fulfilling them?

Where do you feel outplacement services can improve to suit YOUR needs and wants?

I look forward to hearing from you…..


I am thrilled to say that I’m hearing more of my career strategy clients “getting” what I’m constantly saying about getting a mentor and being mentored — at ANY age.  Whether it’s through my company or on your own — just get a mentor!  For those who don’t quite “get” it or or just questioning or perhaps even a bit skeptical, here are my Top 10 Reasons To Be Mentored In A Possible New Career:

1.  Test-drive your prospective new career before committing

2.  Learn the “ins and outs” of the business/organization/vocation

3.  Make contacts — networking!

4.  Boost your confidence

5.  Explore a passion

6.  Satisfy your curiosity about the “road not taken”

7.  Test possible careers when you don’t know what’s next

8.  Try something new and challenge yourself in new ways

9.  Gain perspective on your current job, lifestyle, and future

10.  Reconnect with a dormant part of yourself


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