Like so many career consultants and coaches these days, I’m hearing many clients say “there aren’t any jobs out there”.  Not true!  There ARE jobs out there….in fact, there are still DREAM jobs out there.  

I know there are hiring managers/business owners/not-for-profit directors who follow VocationVacations who may actually be in a hiring mode for some really cool dream jobs.  It could be that Development Director position at $60K or it could be a $10/hour job being a dog daycare coordinator – or anything in between.  Coming from someone who LOVED working in wine sales and marketing for a year post-corporate life, I know the value of the following:  1.  Reducing one’s $ “burn” rate;  2.  Getting back into the swing of things each morning — getting out of bed and not feeling sorry for oneself after a lay-off; and  3. Most importantly, coming back to LIFE doing something enjoyable and something that brings passion and fulfillment to one’s everyday.

So, if you are HIRING for a dream job, please let me know.  I’d love to help you post your salaried or hourly dream job(s) to our tens of thousands of subscribers all across the US.  Are you a bakery owner needing a new baker?  Let us know.  Are you a PR director needing a new coordinator?  Let us know.  Are you a fashion designer needing a new assistant?  

Please let me know the following information:

The dream job title that you currently have open, very brief dream job description – no more than 75 words (I’ll be strict about that and will just cut ya’ off so please do your own editing – smile!), estimated salary range/hourly wage, location, required qualifications, your contact information, your company or organization’s website (required) where you’d like resumes to be emailed.  

Please email me this information to:

I will daily blog these open positions and include them in weekly e-newsletters.  TOTALLY FREE.

There are FAR too many great dream jobs still out there — whatever I can do to help you find passionate and qualified individuals to fill your open positions, the better!



NOTE:  Please do NOT send me information about “get-rich-quick jobs” or 100% commissioned positions.  Sorry, those are not dream jobs, in my not-so-humble opinion.  I reserve the right to not publish any position that I feel does not fit the dream job bill or may be of question.