Lately I’m getting asked over and over, “How can people dream in this recession?”  The question was asked again this morning on a radio interview.

My answer continues to be “People should NEVER stop dreaming….but they need to find or create passion in their work life on a micro-level regardless of this macro-level economy for which they cannot directly impact or change”.

If you’re unable to truly pursue a dream job right now due to financial restraints, I understand.  But now’s the perfect time to reach out and find a mentor in your organization or company.  Focus on what does or COULD make you happier in your current role.  New work area?  New topic? New client(s)?  New region?  New type of research?  You get the picture.  

Do it on someone else’s dime!  Do it NOW while your “competition” (hey, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there!) may simply be burying their heads in the doom-and-gloom sand.  But not you.  No, you’re moving forward and creating change in areas in which you have the ability to create change.  You’re not sitting idle simply because the economy has idled. 

You can’t do this alone, however.  Find a mentor at your current employer.  Reach out and tell them that you want to make your experience at XYZ company or organization more fulfilling and fruitful for yourself.  When you feel more fulfilled and engaged, the organization will benefit by getting higher productivity from you as well as a better sense of a positive attitude that will emanate to your coworkers.  This all will simply help your company’s or organization’s bottom line.  And you will feel better about yourself and your work — even though you have the action plan in place to move on to your dream job further down the pike.

So, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times in the last couple of months, go out and find the angle and/or the niche at your current job that will enable you to feel reinvigorated as well as provide you a new level of learning and fulfillment while under the tutelage of a mentor right there at your current job.

Stop watching and reading all the doom and gloom.  You can’t impact the macro level.  But you CAN impact your own micro level existence.  Go test-drive at least an angle or niche of your dream job within your existing job.  You can then follow up on the next step of pursuing the dream job in coming weeks and months by getting a mentor outside your work (hopefully via a VocationVacation!), working part-time in your dream job or volunteering in your dream job.  

Grab the brass ring, my friends, this economy cannot hold you back!  It all comes down to pursuing your passion and getting a mentor, getting a mentor, getting a mentor… matter what the economy does.