I tell my clients all the time that a dream job doesn’t just happen overnight, even in the best of times, let alone during these more challenging times.  Hence, here are my quick and easy suggestions for easing your way into a dream job….risk free!

1.  Get a part-time job in your new dream field/career.  If you’re unemployed or coming back into the work force, there’s no better way than to try something on for size by working in it part-time for someone else.  If you’re currently working, now may not be the time to quit your day job.  Do your dream job on the side while keeping your existing job. Take time during nights and weekends to start your own business or work for someone else on a part-time basis.  Build your expertise and knowledge base without risking the ol’ day job.

2.  Volunteer in your new field.  Many potential employers may not be able to hire anyone right now.  They’ll be astounded when you suggest that you’re willing to work for free as a volunteer in order to gain experience and tap into their knowledge base.  Treat them as your mentor!  

3.  Take a job that is a transition to your new career.  It may not be the perfect fit but it might be with the right company, the right city, the right industry or providing you a new skill set that you need for career advancement.  You can figure out how to take the next step to your ultimate dream job a bit later on.  At least you’re heading in the right strategic direction.   That’s progress!

4.  Pursue your dream job as a hobby until you are ready to change careers.  Don’t let go of that passion!  Don’t let go of those avocational desires.  If you want to become a photographer, interior designer or a voice-over artist, just keep at it on your own, even as a hobby.  Practice makes perfect and you are expanding your skill sets during this economic downtime no matter what.  One step at a time.

Ready to get “unstuck” and transition into a better job?  Check out a couple of other ways to test things out:


The Book:  Test-Drive Your Dream Job – A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding And Creating Your Dream Job