People say that a downturn in the markets also open up opportunity.  Just ask Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and others, right?  They are BUYING stocks these days.  There is opportunity out there.  You just need an action plan to go get it.

Likewise, as the markets downturn, this is the perfect time to put stock in yourself and consider dream job opportunities.  Do you have a fear of financial insecurity?  I  hear you.  Join the masses.  Talk to the thousands of people who are being laid off all across the US and fear of financial insecurity is obviously their #1 issue.  But you can prepare in advance of any direct hit to you…and it takes time, hard work and an action plan.  So start NOW!

I was at one of my favorite coffee places, Urban Grind, this morning here in Portland and ran into my friend Steve who’s an architect.  I asked how things were going.  He replied “tenuous”.  Come to find out that his firm has made lay-offs and he is obviously very worried.  One person impacted by the layoff is a mutual friend of ours.  I just saw this friend last weekend and asked if he was nervous about the economy.  He said “no”.  Well, he should have been nervous.  He got laid off along with others from the firm last Monday.  As for Steve, he’s keeping a great open-mind and sees this as a “scary time of potential opportunity”.  Sounds oxymoronic and it is.  But he’s considering other types of work beyond being an architect as the markets may simply not allow him to work in that industry for years to come.  

What’s the moral of my story?  You just never know.  There is NO such thing as job security in so many sectors these days so it’d be foolish not to spend time researching and getting mentored in your dream job….NOW!  WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE!?  

“But I won’t make as much money in my dream job as I am today”, you may say.  True enough.  But being prepared for finding or creating your dream job or a dream business beats the hell out of eating up all of your savings after being laid off from your current job.  Lay-offs happen to the best of us.  Be prepared.  Being financially responsible includes swallowing your pride by potentially taking a pay cut in the short-term to pursue a dream job.  What you’ll find is that although you may not be making as much money as you once did in your old job, you’ll be happier….and you’ll be employed and getting new experience to add to the resume.  So, don’t do what I did back in 2001.  Don’t wait for the pink slip!  Take action now, my friends.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how to set an action plan in place, join me for a free teleclass, “Don’t Wait For The Pink Slip Like I Did” next Thurs Oct 30 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.  More details here.