I’ve been there.  You’re scared of a possible lay-off.  Or you’ve been laid off.  Or perhaps you’re just so miserable in your job that a lay-off, EVEN in this economy, sounds good right now.  Yeah, boy, I’ve been there.  I was miserable and unfulfilled in my telecom job in Chicago.  Went to a dot.com thinking that’d be my saving grace.  But you know the story.  My lay-off occurred less than two years later.  I wasn’t prepared.

I didn’t know what my dream job was.  I didn’t know what my path should be.  I had no idea what I was going to do.  I should have been better prepared.  But how?

Well there are a lot of ways.  Certainly doing online research is critical.  Read some career planning books.  But one very important, affordable thing to do is to get a career coach.  I say this with a couple of caveats, however.  

1. There are far too many career coaches out there today who have received credentials from coaching institutions but they do not have any prior career development or mentoring experience.  You want to work with someone who, prior to becoming a career coach, worked their way up the corporate, not-for-profit, academic or association ladder.  You need someone who has led a team of employees.  Unfortunately, people without these qualifications can slip through the cracks of some of the coaching institutions.  You never hear of someone “flunking out” of coaching school, do you?  SO…..with that, I really want to stress that you owe it to yourself to research, vet and “approve” your coach before hiring them.  Do they have pragmatic and direct experience of effectively working as part of a team and managing people in the “real world” prior to hanging their shingle as a career coach?  In my opinion, they must.

2.  Additionally, I’m also a strong believer in life coaching.  But if you hire a life coach (which we have on board at VocationVacations as well), DO make sure they are ALSO skilled and qualified to include career coaching in their practice.  Life and career are not mutually exclusive and a coach needs to be skilled in both.

Who do I recommend?  Obviously VocationVacations-approved coaches.  And, hopefully I’m not being too bold here to say that I also do a pretty good job of consulting individuals on how to find and create the work they love.  The VocationVacations coaching team focusing on helping people create their action plan to their dream job day-in and day-out.  Give us a whirl!    

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