Much more to follow, folks, but I’m SO thrilled to announce that we’ve launched the VocationVacations University/College Alumni Affinity Program!  What is it?  Well, in a nutshell, university/college alumni associations communicate their relationship with VocationVacations to their alumni to encourage their alums to pursue becoming a VV mentor if they meet our qualifications.  In return, for those alums that we bring on as mentors, we then provide the association a percentage of the retail price of every VocationVacation that is mentored by their alums.

I am THRILLED to say that the Cal Aggie Alumni Association for UC-Davis has signed as has the WIsconsin Alumni Association with several more exciting university alumni associations coming on board soon.  Check out our Wisconsin affinity program here:

Want your alumni association to become part of our affinity program?  Do you work for a university or college alumni association and think it’s a great idea?  Let me know!