You have to blend passion AND business sense in order to undertake your own dream business, my friends.  I know first-hand as a guy who suddenly found himself to be an entrepreneur four years ago.  I’ve learned the hard way so if I can help out others in any way, I’m all over it.  Here are some tips to consider before you start your own dream business:

1.  Make sure you know ALL aspect of the business (that you possibly can know in advance), not just the part(s) you love.

2.  Bring in experts to help with the parts you’re not strong in (Hello, that was a CPA for me.  Not a numbers guy here.)

3.  Avoid the “hobby trap” by:

a.  Suspending disbelief that your business can be big and serious.  Think BIG and let that infect everything you do.  If you can’t summon that belief yourself, bring in advisors and “cheerleaders” who can help you expand your thinking.

b.  Making a business plan that projects growth.  If you don’t plan how you’ll reach your targets, you never will.

c.  Asking for help.  Form a “board of advisors” with no fiduciary or legal responsibility but with various areas of expertise who can ask tough questions and give sound advice about every area of your business.  They may enjoy meeting each other as much as they enjoy helping you.  A nice dinner would be a way of paying them for their time and advice.

Hey, and there’s a lot more great advice, if I do say so myself (ha!), in my book, “Test-Drive Your Dream Job:  A Step By Step Guide To Finding And Creating The Work You Love”.