Wow, could things get any worse in the markets?  I hope not.  But we all should prepare for even worse and hope for the best.  Makes you just want to burst out the F-word, doesn’t it?  No, not THAT F-word.

I’m talking about — FEAR!  You’re not alone if you’re scared these days.  Here are some fear fighters that I use as an entrepreneur to keep on plugging along each and every day — but they’re certainly practical for non-entrepreneurs as well.  


1.  A clear vision – have a good picture of what you want to do.  It may be a particular job, it may be a type of work, it may be a lifestyle and a location of where you want to live and work.  The clarity of the image acts like a magnet pulling you forward.

2.  Optimism – In addition to having a clear vision, believe that your vision WILL pan out.  Failure is of course a possibility but success is more likely when you maintain a strong sense of being positive.

3.  Comfort with Failure – When you consider failure, you won’t be as terrified.  Take an attitude of “What’s the worst that can happen?  Whatever it is, I’ll deal with it.”  Imagine  a period of difficulty and adjustment after the failure and then life moving forward positively once again.

4.  A high self-standard – Take on the sentiment of “I would rather try and fail than know I didn’t even try.”  What will push you past the fear is the knowledge that by not trying you will be letting yourself down.  Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments no matter what.  You’re trying!