I’m often asked “Brian, can a VocationVacation REALLY turn me into a Baker, TV Producer, Interior Designer, Sports Announcer, <Fill in one of our other 150+ VocationVacation types>, etc. in just 2-3 days?”  

My answer is always, “Absolutely not!  There’s a whole lot more to do.  You have to create an Action Plan.  But while you’re test-driving your dream job with your mentor, ask them some specific action plan-related questions!”

Your questions will more than likely fall into several broad categories:

1.  Knowledge:  things you need to learn and understand prior to moving forward

2.  Family:  How to make your dream job mesh with the needs and wishes of your family

3.  Money:  How you’ll finance your new career, and how you’ll support yourself and your family while you make the career change

4.  Timeline:  Over what period of time you’ll transition to the new career

Don’t be immobilized by these big, general questions!  Take them one at a time.  It’ll all come together and your action plan will become clearer by the day.