The Ladders, online career placement company focusing on $100K+ jobs, conducted a survey of over 1,500 executives and guess what?!  JOB FULFILLMENT, versus compensation, is the #1 item on their wish list.  37% said job fulfillment is the most important factor when considering a new job followed by 32% responded that the compensation package is the most important factor.  

I’m not at all surprised.

Our clients (“vocationers”) come from all walks of life, all vocations (technology, legal, healthcare, education, the list is endless), some making huge amounts of bank while others struggle and had to save for their VocationVacation. But at the end of the day, they all have some common goals:  They want more passion for their work….they want more fulfillment at the end of the day….they want more satisfaction in the job….they simply want to be happier in their work lives — that inherently directly impact their home life.

So The Ladders’ survey is spot on.  Yes, money is important.  No doubt.  But it doesn’t buy happiness or fulfillment.  And guess what?  If you follow your passions, then fulfillment AND money will follow.  You CAN have your cake and eat it too.  It may not happen over night but it can all come together quite nicely.  So the executives surveyed, for example, will appreciate both job fulfillment and higher compensation if they simply follow their hearts and work in fields in which they truly enjoy.