After four years of working with people from all walks of life who want to test-drive their dream job on a VocationVacation, I’ve found that their are FIVE KEY ATTRIBUTES (as described in Test-Drive Your Dream Job: A Step By Step Guide To Finding And Creating The Work You Love) of a successful Vocationer:

1.  Optimism:  You believe you can do it.  You know it’s risky and there’s a chance you’ll fail, but in your gut you believe you’ll succeed.

2.  Vision:  You know where you want to go.

3.  Confidence: You know failure is survivable.  You may lose time and money, but you will gain knowledge, experience, and self-esteem.

4.  Determination:  You would rather try and fail than not do it.  You don’t want to wonder later, “what if?”

5.  External support:  You have the key people in your life behind you.

There you go.  Five simple attributes.  Now go have some fun finding and/or creating the work you love.  You CAN do it!