Some people really need a vacation as a regularly scheduled bit of their work/life balance.  They work really hard 9-10 months a year and then get big chunks of time off.  How cool is that?!  We’ll call these folks “Jobcationers”.

Others, like me, have A.D.D. and need a daily fix of vacation aspects in their day job (for example, I’m blogging and working from the gorgeous Columbia RIver Gorge today — the views, the lush landscape, the water — all a bit of a vacation while I’m vocationing today).  We don’t have the patience or fortitude to wait.  We need it and we need it NOW.  😉  I’m a “Vocationer”.

Both types of hard-working individuals make up this world so it’s great to have both driving this economy.

Here’s an article perfect for the “Jobcationers” who are looking for those extended vacation times that comes as a perk of their day job.  Cool stuff!