July 2008

I just came across this in the San Francisco Chronicle.  I’d love to “jump ship and board ship” and work on a cruise ship for awhile.  We’ve tried to get a couple of the cruise lines on board VocationVacations…..but then their attorneys get involved and botch it.  Damn, those attorneys!  🙂

Anyway, had to share….are you ready to “jump ship and board ship” with me?


Sometimes I come across things I just need to share.  Here’s an example.  Toby Lux wrote a great piece this morning re: “Finding a Mentor”….forwarding it along to you as I couldn’t agree more:



I just saw this out on CareerBuilder.  Yes, they’re 10 Dream Jobs….but really low-paying ones.  What do you think?  Would you be willing to transition into a dream job if it paid less than $30K a year?  Me?  Probably not, quite honestly.  I’d need to make at least $50K, I think just to keep the home fires burning, ya know.  And I don’t dream of becoming a doll designer.  Now, Brew Master?  Now, we’re talkin’!!!

I’m thrilled to see that well-known career and lifestyle author, Penelope Trunk, has posted an excerpt of my book, Test-Drive Your Dream Job, on her site!  Check out bits of Chapter One….have fun test-driving your dream job….yes, EVEN in this economy (really even more reason to do so, actually!):



I have to say that we’ve had requests for working on the NYSE as a trader for a VocationVacation over the years.  And I always wondered, “Why would someone want to do such a thing?  High stress.  Crowded quarters.  You must be joking, right?”

Well, I had my day on the floor last Friday….and now I get it.  WOW!  It IS a dream job.  The floor is smaller than I thought but it is SO exciting to be there.  Yes, it’s high stress.  But it’s also high energy.  Yes, it’s very crowded…but it’s also capitalism at its core.

Unfortunately, in this post 9/11 world we can’t fulfill on getting folks onto the floor of the NYSE (rigid security for good reason!)….but I think we should try to get a Trader VocationVacations mentor in one of the other markets in the US.  I’ll be working on that.  

Hey, look at this Cheesehead from Wisconsin on the floor of the NYSE with CNBC.  Yes, for you CNBC groupies out there – Melissa Lee and Erin Burnett are indeed really, really nice….and beautiful to boot….love it that they BOTH interviewed me.  The luck of a gay guy!  Ha.  Anyway, what a blast…here’s the video:


Is working on the floor of the NYSE YOUR dream job?