I’m really excited about a few new bits of news at VocationVacations:

1.  We’ll have our inaugural Ameriprise-sponsored happy hour on Wed 7/23 at The Paramount Hotel in NYC.  A chance to meet other folks who aspire to a dream job and the lifestyle that comes with it.  As well as meet some of our wonderful VocationVacations alums, mentors and affiliated career/life coaches.  Please feel free to RSVP to me here on the blog!  It’s a free event….and you’ll get a complimentary copy of my book, Test-Drive Your Dream Job <Hachette Group, 2008> from Ameriprise.

2.  We signed our first university alumni association affinity program with the Cal Aggie Alumni Association at UC-Davis.  You’ll soon see Cal Aggie Alumni coming on board as new VocationVacations mentors.  Including some wine maker mentors who are alumni of UC-Davis’ stellar oenology program!

3.  I will be speaking at the AARP national convention in Washington DC in September thanks to the fine folks at Borders.  I’m very excited to have such a wonderful opportunity.  Firm day and time to follow.  Borders and AARP rock!

Hope all is well out there with all you Vocationers…..please let me know what your dream job is; if your dream job isn’t on our current list as that’s THE way we grow — by listening to YOU, our vocationers (although, please know that a minority number of dream jobs we’ll never be able to offer, unfortunately — those involving too much risk and liability; anything in the public sector; anything in the healthcare field, etc.); what’s holding you back from going for getting it; the steps you’re taking to find or create your dream job….or just say hi.

Dream On!