May 2008

Vocationer Alums Bill Sweat and Donna Morris (they took a Stone Wolf Vineyards VV in 2005), hosted an amazing Grand Opening for their new state-of-the-art, modern designed tasting room at Winderlea Vineyard on Saturday, May 24.  I had a great time volunteering as a “pourer”.  Wow….Bill and Donna are sure living the dream after many years in corporate life.  They are wildly passionate about Pinot Noir and now have their dream jobs as vineyard owners.

I just finished recording “Dream Jobs with VocationVacations” — what a blast!  Today was Vocationer alum “Dr. Dan”, an OB/GYN from NY who test-drove his dream job last year with VocationVacations mentor Mike Capps at Round Rock Express in Austin, TX.  What a fantastic interview.  Although Dan isn’t switching careers, he took his VV to explore “the path not taken” and to discover new angles to his avocation — sports.  It’ll be part of a CD compilation that we’ll release.

I recorded “Dream Jobs with Brian” this morning with a Vocationer alum who took a B&B Owner VocationVacation and now she’s building out her catering and cake-making company while still in her current job….and then will buy a B&B just a bit further down the road once she has some more $’s in the bank.  Very cool.  She’s been unhappy for awhile…..but the current state of affairs in this world and economy have really prompted her to ask herself:  Am I REALLY happy in my life?

We’re hearing more and more folks talk about their dreams of owning their own business now that the recession is in full swing.  They are asking themselves:  What do I have to lose?  I’m so unhappy anyway in the job….now I’m at risk of losing my job….why not now create my dream business and build my future? We are hearing from people who are looking to get into voice-over, travel-writing, floral design, opening their own interior design company, getting into wedding planning….and the list goes on and on.  

My point is that I think there will be some silver lining at the end of this recession for many people.  It’s prompting them to get off their you-know-what’s and feel less complacent and “comfortable” and to get creative.  Who knew that a recession could actually prompt some GOOD things?  Good stuff!  I’m excited for these folks.

I was always lucky having bosses in my corporate life who took the time and energy to mentor me.  I also sought it out.  Even though I never loved the industry in which I worked (telecom), I was still mentored in business strategies, sales, product management, project management, etc. that would later benefit me once I went after my dream job.  While launching VocationVacations, I’ve continued to surround myself with some key advisors.  It’s critical to the success of the business…and for my own personal and professional growth.


What about you?  Is your current boss a mentor for you?  If not, can you work with him/her to become a mentor for you?  If he/she would not make a good mentor for you, then what are you going to do to get the mentorship you need to enhance your personal and professional growth?